Sunday - Sept. 30th RACE DAY!!!

We are a motorcycle club made up of members only. We do this for the love of the sport.!!!

If you are looking for information on race day events please contact us before the weekend. since we are volunteers we may not respond immediately...!


Bulldog Motorcycle Club

"The Southwick of Michigan"




While many tracks in D-14 have changed to a straight program, at Bulldog M/C we will continue to run a split program in 2018.


2018 Race dates:

Sunday, Sept. 30th

AM Classes with 9:00 am start:'

All 50cc bikes

All 65cc Bikes

All 85cc Bikes


Girls & Woman

30,35,40,45,50,60 + age classes

Afternoon (no earlier than 1:30 pm)

125 B/C


14+ age class

School Boy 1 & 2

Vet Sport

250 A, B & C

Open A, B & C



Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Be sure to check out the awesome people that help make what we do possible!


Bulldog Motorcycle Club is a motocross track established some 70 years ago and is known for its challenging and ever changing track. Located in the beautiful country side of mid-Michigan which allows for no shortage of great scenery. You can find Bulldogs a few miles from Millington, 20 minutes from Birch Run, and just a little over a 1/2 hour from Flint. 

The track at Bulldogs is composed of almost all sand and is always changing. The conditions will challenge any rider at any level and will keep everyone on their toes. The track will change every lap and the layout is always being changed and improved so be prepared! The crew of Bulldog club members prepare the facilities prior to each event to ensure a positive experience on and off the track.

The Bulldogs track will suit riders at all levels from kids to pros and everyone in between. With no doubles on the track all riders can go fast while still staying safe. Having little suspension, vintage racers enjoy this feature very much.

So come to Bulldogs if you are looking to test your skills on a track layout following the natural flow of the land and berm blast some sand at the "Southwick" of Michigan! We hope to see you on the gate at our next race!


When you come to Bulldogs there is plenty of attractions for the family away from the track. Got a birthday, anniversary, or just wanna take the family out on the town? Well between Frankenmuth and Birch Run you're covered. Take the wife or kids shopping at the expos in Birch Run and then grab a bite to eat at the many great restaurants. Make it a full weekend getaway by visiting Zenders Splash Village in Frankenmuth! Take a trip to Germany and walk the streets of Frankenmuth. Visit all the shops and attractions to get your fill of fudge, cheese, mini golf, fishing, go karts, and many more.

Our History

A motorcycle club created for the simple purpose of enjoying motorcycles and bringing motorcycle enthusiasts together for a good time. Bulldogs has stood the test of time and has seen members come and go, hosted a long list of pro riders over the years, and still to this day brings great racing and good family fun at every event. 


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The Track & Facility

Track Preview

Get a preview of the track with this GoPro! Be sure to watch in HD.



Chum Yonglove


Vice President

Joe Munger



Steve Phillips



General questions




9113 N. Belsay Rd.

Millington, MI 48746


Directions from i-75

Head East on Birch Run Rd/54

Head past Baja Acres 

Turn left on Belsay Rd after storage units

Track will be on your right